Online Casino Roulette Game

Even if you’re just starting to learn about casino games, there’s a huge chance you’re familiar with the iconic image of the roulette wheel. Roulette is a staple in land casinos all around the world and it’s also one of the most popular games in online casinos. Whether you play a game against an AI dealer or you visit one of the roulette tables at the live casino, every game of online roulette has more or less the same rules and betting options. Read on to learn more about how to play a classic game of roulette.


At its essence, roulette is a game where a ball is dropped into a spinning wheel and you need to guess where the ball will land when the wheel stops. Guess correctly and you can get a corresponding payout.

The Roulette Set Up

The roulette wheel is divided up into several pockets for the ball to land on. In European roulette, the wheel has 37 pockets, numbered 0 to 36. The American version has an additional double zero (00) to give the house a slight edge in the game. The French roulette table is similar to the European version with variations in the layout.

You may notice that the numbers on the wheel are colored alternating black or red, and the numbers aren’t arranged in numerical order. This was purposefully done so that there isn’t a predictable outcome to the game.

Aside from the roulette wheel, you will also see a grid on the roulette table. This is called the roulette board. The board corresponds to the numbers and colors on the wheel. This is also where you’ll be placing your chips to make a bet on where the ball will land. The numbers on the board are called the Inside. The sections outside the board are called the Outside.

Betting types

The beauty of roulette is that even though there is only one outcome per game, there are many ways for you to win a payout. You can bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers, or a certain color.

The best part is that you can spread out your bets per spin. This means you can have multiple bets placed simultaneously, giving you more chances of getting lucky. Here are the types of bets you can make:

  • Outside Bets

Placing your chips on any of the Outside sections will allow you to bet on a large group of numbers.

  • You can choose to place several bets on either all reds, all blacks, all odd numbers, all even numbers, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36. All of these bets will give you a 1-to-1 payout.
  • You may also choose to bet on sections of the table. You have the option to bet on dozens: 1st 12 (1-12), 2nd 12 (13-24), or the 3rd 12 (25-36). You can even place your bet on columns of numbers. All of these bets will give you a 2-to-1 payout if the ball lands on a number included in any of these sections.
  • Inside Bets

You can also place your chips on the Inside of the board. This is useful if you think the ball will land on a specific number or a small group of numbers.

  • Straight up – You bet on one number. You do this by placing your chips on top of the number of your choice. The payout is 35 to 1.
  • Split – You bet on two numbers. You do this by placing your chips on the line between any two numbers. The payout is 17 to 1.
  • Corner – You bet on four numbers. You do this by placing your chips at the intersection of four numbers. The payout is 8 to 1.
  • Street – You bet on three numbers in a row. You do this by placing your chips on the top edge of the row of your choice. The payout is 11 to 1.
  • Double Street / Line Bet – You bet on six numbers in a row. You do this by placing your chips at the top of the line between two rows. The payout is 5 to 1.
  • Top line – You bet on 0,00,1,2,3. You do this by placing your chips at the top line in between the zeros and the first row. The payout is 6 to 1.

Online Casino Roulette Game

You can also do a Split or Trio with the 0 or 00 depending on where you place your chips. A trio pays out 11 to 1.

How to Play Online Roulette

Now that you know the ground rules, you can now put it all together.

  1. Start by exchanging the funds in your account for playing chips. Check the promotions section of the online casino you’ve chosen if you qualify for roulette bonuses. This can save you some money.
  2. Read the rules of the roulette game of your choice if you can find them. Different roulette games can have variations of their rules, betting limits, payouts, etc.
  3. Upon joining an online roulette table, pick the color of chips you’ll be using for the game. You may also select the value of your chips and the amounts of chips you’ll be using per game.
  4. Spread out your bets across the table using any of the betting types that you like. Just remember that there are specific minimums and betting limits that apply for inside or outside bets.
  5. Now that all bets are placed, the dealer can spin the ball on the wheel. In some cases, you can still place bets on the table until the dealer notifies you to stop.
  6. Once the wheel stops and the ball lands in a pocket, the dealer will give winners their payouts according to the bet type they’ve chosen. If you’re lucky, you’ll be receiving rewards for all your successful bets.

Friendly Tips

Here are some tips to get you started winning your first few games.

  • Between the European, American, and French versions of roulette, choose to go with the French version. It has more betting opportunities and more chances for winning. The European version will also give you better odds than the American version.
  • Outside bets are more favorable to players. Just be aware that if the ball lands on 0 or 00, all outside bets will be taken by the dealer.
  • Keep your playing sessions under an hour. Time is a huge factor in gambling. The more time you spend playing, the more chances the house is going to win. To avoid this, take a break so you minimize your odds of losing money and you also keep yourself in check in terms of spending on a game.
  • Follow the general guidelines of responsible online gambling.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re now equipped with the proper knowledge to start enjoying an exciting game of roulette. Just remember that you’re going to need a lot of luck in this game, so play sensibly. Happy playing!